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01 Sep 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 09)

Today we woke up in the dry, packed up and cycled inland to our new campsite in L'Ile-d'Elle. The campsite is on the outskirts of a small town near the larger river port of Marans, both in the heart of the marshes. Most of the cycling today was pretty flat, and easy going on well maintained canal/drainage ditch paths.

We stopped for lunch at Marans, which has a notable old church, which we didn't see. The church we did find is modern and as you can see has a fairly modern glass and steel spire, even if the rest of the building is much older. Marans is also in a new department, Charente-Maritime, though were we are camped is still in the Vendee as the department and region border falls between Marans and L'Ile-d'Elle.

We pitched the tent at the small campsite - which also has functional WiFi too, and then went for a short walk along the river bank which is accessible from the rear of the campsite. We also cycled back to the village to check the shops - just one baker as the mini-market was closed for the summer holiday.

  • Picture of the day: Glass and steel
  • 49 km cycled
  • Cumulative distance 494 km