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02 Sep 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 10)

Today we cycled further in land to visit the Abbeye De Maillezais. After lunch at the abbey car park including free apples and grapes we walked round the abbey which is quite large and amazingly complete given how long it's been a ruin (quary for the local village). It took several hours to walk round the whole place.

We then cycled to another village to hire a boat to visit the wet swamps. The whole area was prone to flooding and so Dutch engineers came to the area and built an extensive series of flood defences, resulting in areas of dry marsh (dry enough to farm but can still flood) and wet marsh (lots of canals but areas of dry land between). The extenive network of canals make for great boating and you get to see lots of wildlife up close and personal

Finally we cycled home into the fearsome headwinds - which was not fun - almost all the way home.

As we were making dinner at the campsite we realised that one set of bike and house keys were missing, so my better half set off to retrace our steps to find the keys - only to discover after a few metres she had a flat tyre. Ho hum, not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but losing keys is not good...

  • Picture of the day: Giants
  • 69.7 km cycled, plus some walking and watersport!
  • Cumulative distance 563.7 km