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01 Dec 2019

Font culling

Over the past few days of tinkering with fonts I've realised that I have far more fonts than I need. It probably isn't impacting the performance of my computer, however it does make the font menu unwieldy to use. In practical terms I use one or two mono-spaced fonts of command line usage and programming, one sans-serif font in any written document, and a handful of other type faces for effect only. I also use another sans-serif font for my GUI.

I can't uninstall plenty of font families, because a package that I'm using depends on it, even though I'm not using the "default" font that that package wants. For example I don't need Vera and DejaVu, which are essentially the same. I've nothing against non Latin languages but I can't read them, so don't need them and while I can unload most of them, I can't get rid of them all. Thankfully KDE allows me to deactivate fonts, so I've turned all the ones I can't uninstall off!