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08 Dec 2019

Bike ride with Bernard Hinault

This morning I went for a bike ride with Bernard Hinault. When I say I, I mean there was a charity ride from his son's bike shop, and we went along. There were three groups: a 70 km group that left at 9 am; a 35 km group that left at 9:30 and a large group of walkers. We went in the 35 km group, which to be honest was a bit of a stretch, it was way to slow for a good third or more of the pack, and way to fast for a handful of stragglers at the rear. As we returned to town, the 70 km pack whizzed past at great speed, so we switched group and arrived with the the serious cyclists, including Mr Hinault.

My bike computer said we did 36.34 km in 1:40:18, but there were frequent stops to let people catch up, which at this time of year can be a bit chilly, and I hardly broke out a sweat - which given my lack of cycling this autumn shows, how slow we went. It would have been fairer to split the 35 km ride into two parts, one for the really slow and then let the faster stretch their legs a bit more, but with only so many motorbike chaperones, it was probably the best they could do.

I think they said they raised over €1 000 for charity, which is good, and the weather held out, so everyone had a good day.