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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

31 Dec 2019


I have lots of cameras, but in practice only three are regularly used, the rest are now just collected.

I have a Canon SLR, it's not the bottom of the range, but it's hardly professional and it is now two generations out, so it's not got the fastest CPU anymore, but it still has a pretty good sensor, and with my 60 mm 1:1 macro I can take some pretty good pictures with it. It doesn't go everywhere, as it's a bit big, but it still gets used quite a lot.

My next camera is a Motorola smart phone. Optically it's a joke, but it does geo-tag the pictures, integrates well with things, and as I have my phone with me all the time, I always have it. I've used it more in the last 12 months just because I have it with me, than would have otherwise.

Finally I have a Canon compact camera. It's small and beautifully formed and for the best part of the last five and half years I've had it with me. Optically it's massively superior to my smartphone, but no way near as good as my SLR. It is however a lot smaller than my SLR, and though thicker than my phone, otherwise smaller than it and ergonomically a lot better too.

For a while I had been thinking of getting a new Canon compact, the current generation have a larger sensor, faster and better CPU, and the optical range of the lens is a little bit bigger. I have hesitated because they are not cheap, and there was nothing wrong with my existing Canon - plus I've been using the smart phone more and more. Over the weekend my hand has been forced as my Canon compact has died with a lens fault. I did some Googling and if it's not dirt/grit in the mechanism (which you can blow/tap out), then it's probably a shorted ribbon cable, which there are videos explaining how to replace. The problem is that the videos are now a few years old and the replacement lens and sensor assemblies are not widely available anymore...

I've looked at the cameras on offer and while there is a very nice Sony, it's too much money, and the Panasonic looks okay, but I've used my mother-in-law's and didn't like the ergonomics, so I think it's going to be a Canon G7X Mk III, which is at least £100 cheaper here in France from a high street retailer than the best Internet supplier in the UK.