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10 Jan 2020

Canon CR3

Canon have updated their camera raw format from CR2 to CR3 standard. Canon do not publish standard of their file format, so if you have an older operating system that what they support, or one that they do not support at all, then you can not open the CR3 files that your camera creates and you are forced to use the JPEG format files only.

To open the CR3 file a team of open source volunteers will have to reverse engineer the file format, and try to understand what Canon have done. Under European law reverse engineering is expressly permitted for the purpose of making something compatible. However it takes time and money to do, and would be much better if Canon were prepared to at least document their new file format, but not giving the details away all that will happen is the open source community will work it out and publish the details, so they aren't making it a secret, just making it awkward for their customers.

At the moment I have no compact camera since my Canon PowerShot S110 died. I was going to buy a Canon PowerShot G7X Mk III, but there isn't point now until I can open the files. The darktable people are working on it, but it will be a while. I will have to live without a compact camera for a while...