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25 Mar 2020

Cold or flu?

Well I spent Sunday and Monday in bed with a scorching fever - you could have cooked eggs on me! Felt a lot better on Tuesday and was able to get out of bed, today I logged on at work because I'm bored not because I'm fully well yet.

Not sure what I've really got, I'm still not recovered. I'd not described the symptoms as mild, two days in bed isn't mild, but at the same time so aspects have been mild.

  • Fever: Yes, scorching and lasted several days
  • Cough: Yes, very slight and intermittent - mostly when I move about
  • Headache: Yes, intermittent and severe - ? dehydration related ?
  • Sneeze: No
  • Blocked/runny nose: Not initially, but developing now
  • Chest pains: Sort of, could be a result of coughs none while actual breathing
  • Difficulty breathing: Never
  • Appetite: None
  • Throat: sore a little
  • Fatigue: flat out for two days

It's hard to know. I've been under more stress than normal, which can make a cold hit you like flu, or it could be seasonal flu or it could be COVID-19. Who knows? I tend to think regular flu ticks most boxes, but without a test I'll not know, and in the absence of proof one way or another I'll avoid contact with others.