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13 Jun 2020

Too many keyboards...

I switched to my new Filco TKL keyboard this week, so I thought I should put the old keyboard away to recover space. When I put it into the storage box I realised I've rather a lot of keyboards...

  • Three IBM KB-7953 models. Two are white and one is black - though I have swapped the key caps around so that two of them are bi-coloured black and white. They are about 20 years old, and were sold with IBM p-Series servers which we used at work. I took them home when the server's were scrapped about 8 years ago. They are rubber dome technology, have PS/2 connection and are pretty compact. Since I washed them, and added some foam to them they now clean and aren't too noisy. I still use one for work, the other two are now spare.
  • Two Logitech Y-SU61 Deluxe keyboards which came with a pair of systems I bought for home over a decade ago. One is still connected and in use the other has been in storage for quite a few years now and is very clean by comparison. Both are rubber dome technology with a PS/2 interface. Odd keyboard, rather curved and have a double height delete key and no insert.
  • Another Logitech keyboard, this one is white though the keycaps have all discoloured quite a bit. PS/2 connection and rubber dome technology. My mother used it and I think since it returned to me it's been in storage. A bit grubby but seems otherwise okay - like the above Logitech a curvy shape that isn't very compact.
  • A Logitech MK520 wireless keyboard that we use with the computer hooked up to the TV in the living room. It's useful but not really a good keyboard and I'd never use it as a main keyboard.
  • A cheap corporate HP keyboard, PS/2 interface and rubber dome technology. Very cheap, my father used it with a computer I gave him at one point, I think it was from work originally. Not very exciting. I've never used it.
  • A really cheap Viglen that came with a small computer I bought for my father. This one is ghastly, but does have a USB interface which is useful on a couple of systems which don't have PS/2 connections. I've not used it other than to set up the Viglen computer that it was for.
  • A Sun type 5, for my antique SPARC system. A superior quality rubber dome keyboard with SPARC keyboard Specification 1. In theory you can make an RS-232 to USB converter of you want, and then you can use it with a PC.
  • A cheap Rii bluetooth keuboard (ANSI layout) for use with my phone or tablet. It's not very good but it's much better than using the screen on the phone for more than basic things.
  • A new Filco Majestouch-2 TKL. This keyboard uses Cherry MX brown switches and has a USB interface that can also connect to PS/2 if required. This is my main keyboard for work and home use. Other than the wireless Logitech it's the only one I actually bought.

I'd give them away, but as I know live in France, there isn't so much demand for ISO/UK QWERTY keyboards here, as the French use the ISO/FR AZERTY keyboard instead - which is a pretty awful layout...