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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

16 Aug 2020


Yesterday I cloned the HDD of an old Dell laptop to a new SSD with Clonezilla, then using GParted Live expanded the file systems to fill the disk.

Once that was done, I let the Windows system spend most of the afternoon upgrading, as I don't boot it often so it was rather out of date. In the process it installed lots of crap that managed to fill up all the space I'd created for it. After the upgrade and several reboots, I deinstalled all the extra crap it had added, but it now works and is running the current release of Windows 10.

The Debian system, which I use 99% of the time, wasn't happy to boot, so using GParted again, I booted up, and used a chroot to regenerate the initramfs and then updated GRUB, and on reboot it was fine.

So far that machine has had over the years:

  • A brand new Dell battery to replace the dead original one
  • A RAM upgrade from 4 GiB to 8 GiB
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade - when MS were giving it away
  • Linux installation, and made default
  • 160 GB WD Scorpio Black HDD to 500 Gb Crucial MX500 SDD upgrade

Having done the HDD-to-SDD upgrade I don't know it feels any faster, but boot time is noticable faster.