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20 Aug 2020

Brexit III

Here we are hurtling towards a no-deal BREXIT. The only way to stave disaster in Ireland was to agree to a border between NI and the rest of the UK. To add insult to injury the whole of Kent will now be treated commercially as the EU to provide enough space for all the customs clearances that will be required.

Taking back control over our borders seems to mean losing the cooperation we had before, so now we have less control than we started with. For example from 1 Jan, refugees can't be deported back to the EU anymore, the UK will have to deal with them!

Getting rid of red tape, appears to mean thousands of new civil servants, and millions of new forms, so there will be more red tape than people could possibly imagine, though it now looks like the stronger green laws, will actually be weaker food standard and environmental protection so that the US can export their vast and highly suspicious agricultural surpluses to the UK, wiping out British farming.

The easiest trade deals in history have turned into one utter farce after another one, and so far the UK has made deals for only 10% of the UK's global trade so come 1 January the UK will be trading from a worse position than before for 90% of the foreign trade. While the EU has improved it's trading position by more than the total value that the UK contributed in trade to the EU totals.

Foreign companies have pretty much said in the event of no deal, then they will up sticks and move most or all of their operations to the EU, and so far that seems to be mostly happening, bye-bye British motor industry. This seems to be already happening, and is expected to accelerate.

So far it's safe to say everything that the remain side said would happen, is happening, and everything the leavers promised has turned out to be a lie. Hardy surprising really, reality is what it is... If Trump goes down in November then things will look a lot worse for the Brexiters than they do now.

I don't like being this right, with something as important as this, but I (and many others) did say this at the begining... Brexit II