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01 Jan 2021

Brexit V

Well it has finally happened. The UK left the EU in 2020, and then a wafer-thin agreement was agreed and the transition period ended on the last day of 2020. Northern Ireland is de facto still in the Customs Union and there is now a border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Gibraltar is joining the Schengen area, and Kent is now a giant lorry park. After all the promises it turns out that the UK will have to follow most EU directives after all, and has zero say or veto in any of them, failure to do so will result in penalties.

This is probably the greatest confidence trick in British history, and was done so a few super rich people can avoid paying tax... One can only hope that a sane government is eventually elected in the UK, and moves to rejoin the EEA, and finally the EU. Though the terms will never be as generous as the ones the UK used to have, and it's also possible by then that the UK won't exist, Scotland and Northern Ireland may have left...