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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

29 May 2022


I've used many programming languages since starting with Commodore BASIC V2 on the Commodore 64. BASIC Lightning was a more structured version and quite nice. I also dabbled with 6510 assembly, which is very RISC like and rather tedious.

On PCs I first used Microsoft BASIC which was okay, but I much prefered Borland's TurboBASIC which was really quite powerful. At university I taught myself Pascal from books in the library and used Borland Turbo Pascal quite a bit. I then tried Borland's Delphi which was all visual, but basically Turbo Pascal at heart.

I then started to do web things and and at the time Perl was the language to use, so I started to use that. I quick look at PHP and came back to Perl, which I used for several years.

When working with SAP I initially worked with Perl outside of SAP, processing data from within. I later migrated to programming SAP in ABAP - another static language like Pascal and quite different from Perl. I realise that I've not done much in Perl for about 12 years - I tinker now and then, but I've not written any serious.

Years ago I thought about learning Python but never did, but for the last few weeks I've been following the OpenSAP course: Python for Beginners which was quite interesting. Don't know if I'll ever use Python again, but it has been interesting and other than missing the first week (no credit possible) I've consistently been scoring 100% on the tests and exercises.