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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

03 Jul 2022


My current desktop computer is getting a little old. I bought it over 8 years ago and while it's still fine, it is getting old now. The graphics card in it was a Nvidia GeForce GT-640 (GK-107) Kepler era, which was entry level when new 10 years ago. There is nothing wrong with the card for the use I made of it, but it was old which means Nvidia will stop updating the driver and the card had a fan on which makes an annoying noise under load.

This week I installed a passively cooled Nvidia GeForce GT-1030/GDDR-5 (GP-108) Pascal era, which is several generations newer and uses half the electricity. Graphically it's quite a bit more powerful but it's also crucially passively cooled with a big heat sink instead of a fan, so makes no noise. The case and CPU fans on my desktop and home server still make a lot of noise, but now I don't have the extra noise of the GPU fan and driver support should last a few years longer.