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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

07 Mar 2021

Le chat mange un croissant

I have been with a French person for quite a while. While I did make some effort to learn French, there wasn't much point really while we lived in England, worked in English and all our friends were English. Since we decided to move to France, learning French became more, critical, so I started lessons, and used various resources physical and on-line.

For nearly three years, I have been using Duolingo every day. I've pretty much got to the point that some stupid design flaws in French don't bother me anymore and I they come naturally. English has its own design flaws too, but you don't notice them in your first language until you try to learn another one....!

Every day before bed I plug away at the site, learning something new and repeating something I've done before. To be fair I've got faster, and lots of things come naturally without thinking, and I can now watch French TV (with French subtitles) and follow most of what's going on.

One thing that does bug me though is that in its limited form and to try to create some level of variety Duolingo varies the sentences a bit but that does mean you get a fair share of the silly ones, my favourite being Le chat mange un croissant.