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10 Mar 2006

A Linux Desktop

By using the power of a KVM switch to combine my Linux "desktop server" and my existing Windows desktop, I have at long last achieved my goal of being able to use a sane operating system for my normal day to day work. The Windows box is now only used for corporate email and SAP, as neither are accessible from Linux. I can use VNC to access the Windows machine, but it's hardly fast - that's what the KVM is for.

10 Nov 2005

The Server Room

Today I spent most of the day in the server room installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a HP ProLiant server. It was an easy install, it didn't actually take all day but it's not so warm in the server room so as soon as I'd changed CD I came out to warm up and I didn't go back in just as it finished - so I know I could have had it all installed quicker if I hadn't been doing other things too.

Once it was all installed I ran the Red Hat Network update tools which take a while to pull down files when you have a few megs of them. One painless reboot and it's all running.

Given a choice I'd rather have been installing Debian but until SAP certify SAP R/3 on Debian I won't be allowed to use it.

29 Sep 2005

SAP Application Server

We have changed our SAP DB at work. It was IBM's Informix, then it was to be IBM's DB/2, now it's to be Oracle. Rather than chop and change, we are actually going to upgrade our current Informix system, and then wait an see regarding Oracle.

The up shot of all this, is that I have to rebuild the Linux application servers from scratch. They run Red Hat Enterprise, so it's pretty easy to do, it's just cold standing in the server room during the initial stages.

22 Jul 2005

SAPAPP8 is Born

Today another Linux baby was born. I set Red Hat Enterprise up on a rather noisy HP server at work. We use Linux to run our SAP Application Servers. In the processes we ripped out a very old and decrepit Compaq box that use to run Windows. We don't have enough space in the server room.

07 Dec 2004


I finally got my RHCT scores and certificate via email today. I got 100% on stage I and 90.9% on stage II to give and overall score of 93.63%, which isn't too bad.

23 Nov 2004

Red Hat Certified Technician

I got my email today, I'm a genuine Red Hat Certified Technician. The stupid Microsoft Exchange Server ate my confirmation email from Red Hat though, because it thought it was spam, so I had to prod IT to get the email released.

I can now plan my attack on LPIC-I, and RHCE.

22 Nov 2004

Still Waiting...

Red Hat have sent me an email with my results, but I don't have it. Somewhere between here and there is an email with my grades in it. So much for the marvels of modern technology!

18 Nov 2004

No Result Yet

I'm still waiting for the result of my RHCT exam. I think I've passed, but as yet I've not had the email from them with the result...

I've taken the pre-course test for the RH253/302 course and exam for RHCE, and did well on that, so I'm hoping to do that in the new year.

I've also decided to try and pass the LPI LPIC-1 exams (Debian variant) to help get my CV up to scratch.

12 Nov 2004

Red Hat (Day 5)

Exam Day

Well today was my RHCT exam as part of the RH133 course. I know I passed troubleshooting stage, that took about 15 minutes, and was quite easy. I would have done it quicker but dyslexia can be a pain, and it did slow me down getting some of the stuff right.

The second stage, which I need to get 70% or more on to pass was more interesting. I actually did most of it without any problems, but one piece was a pain, and I didn't make any progress on it until the last few minutes of the exam. If I had spotted what I needed earlier I'm confident I could have got 100% and had time to spare, however, I didn't so I know have to wait a few days for my results.

11 Nov 2004

Red Hat (Day 4)

Today was the last day of the course. Overall quite interesting and though on average I did know about 80% of it, it's been useful.

Tomorrow is the exam, and I'll find out if I have learnt any thing...

10 Nov 2004

Red Hat (Day 3)

Today didn't start too well, my train was late, and so I missed the early busses, and arrived late. However, I wasn't too late, so no harm done.

Today was another easy day, I knew most of the content today, around 80% I'd say. Still it was most useful to get the 20% I didn't know, and it's always reassuring to have what you did know confirmed.

On the strength of what I have done so far, I think I could sit the RHCT exam and if not pass it, certainly get close - without having had the training. With the training I'm confident I'll pass - if I stay calm and do some revision before the exam.

09 Nov 2004

Red Hat (Day 2)

Today I managed to make better use of Guildford's bus system, but I still got wet on the way home. I managed to arrive on time for the start, and in time for my train home so that was okay.

Today was only 80% stuff I already knew, and the 20% I didn't know was most useful to know. I don't think Red Hat's package management system is as good as Debian's system, but it's not as bad as I thought.

08 Nov 2004

Red Hat (Day 1)

Today was the first day of my RHCT course. I think I knew pretty much 90% of the stuff we did today already, but the 10% I didn't know was most useful to learn. Tomorrow I expect I'll know less of the stuff as we go deeper into the various topics.

14 Oct 2004


I'm trying to get some Linux training at work. We run Red Hat Linux on a number system, so Red Hat training is logical, and their training is well regarded, and apparently the certification is actually worth something.

The LPI offer a non distro specific set of exams, that various people have developed training courses to match.

While I agree that a "piece of paper" proves nothing, and can actually be an artificial barrier, PHB types like "pieces of paper".

29 Sep 2004

Red Hat Certified Engineer

For a long time I've wanted to learn a lot more about Linux. At my last employer I asked for Red Hat* training, and would have probably started the training course, if it were not for the fact we were all laid off...

Since changing jobs, I've migrated from RedHat to Debian at home, but at work we still use RedHat. I've tried several times to get training, and though I've picked up a lot on my own, I still feel that proper training does help. At the moment I'm trying to get on the RHCT course as a prerequisite to taking the RHCE course.

* Red Hat have a nice enough web site, but they have picked an utterly awful default font for the site. I know Luxi Sans is a TrueType font distributed in most Linux distributions, but it's still awful...