LPIC I Exam Cram 2: Exam 101, 102

This is a fundamentally good book. It was one of first of the recent generation of LPIC books on the market, being published in 2004. It does not teach Linux, the reader must have a working knowledge of Linux to be able to use this book. Nor does the book contain all the information required to pass the exam, rather it provides a summary of the main topics and key points, and it is up to the reader to locate the extra information. It is a compact format and the typography is fine, the technical listing are mostly easy to read and follow.

There are a few problems, the Debian information is often wrong, or at least it is not like my Debian 3.0 (Wooody) or 3.1 (Sarge) systems. There are quite a few typographical errors, a command will be explained and the following example will be plain wrong.

The CD worked fine on a Windows system, but failed to install properly on several Debian system without a certain amount of messing. The Linux version of the application is also 32-bit x86 and therefore will not run on a non 32-bit x86 system without a certain degree of manual intervention.

It is basically a good book, let down by a few niggles. Hopefully the errors can be corrected in the next reprint the changes need not require a whole new edition.


Since this book has been published, the LPI have revised their syllabus and Linux has evolved. While the fundamental parts of Linux do not change quickly, elements of this book must now be considered out of date and due for revising.

Do not use this book in isolation and expect to pass the LPI exams. However it is a good basis to build your study plan on top of. Do not forget the freely available Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition and IBM Developer Works LPIC notes.