Pro OpenSSH

This is a thoroughly modern and applied approach to using OpenSSH.

Compared with the older "SSH: The Secure Shell" from Barrett & Silverman1 this book is far more applied and less theoretical. It also focuses on OpenSSH running on Linux/Unix. Stahnke additionally assumes Windows clients will be FLOSS running PuTTY, FileZilla/WinSCP or OpenSSH via Cygwin. SSH Communications latest tools are also covered but the Stahnke's focus is OpenSSH.

Stahnke's approach is to explain how OpenSSH is built and configured and make suggestions he thinks are sensible as he goes along. He makes it quite clear when he thinks rlogin/rsh is safe and when it is not and you should be using SSH.

If you know OpenSSH inside-out then you will probably not benefit from this book but if you want to know or need to know about OpenSSH then this is an excellent book to get you going. This is a good, no-nonsense, very practical and thoroughly up-to date book. If you know the basics then it will tell you how to apply them.

I have not read the second edition of SSH: The Secure Shell2, so I can not comment on what is in this book and how it compares with Stahnke. The first edition is a good book but quite different from this book and somewhat dated by modern standards.

  1. SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide
  2. SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide (2nd Edition)