Desktop Adapted for Dad (DAD) :: Part 2

I wrote an article on configuring a desktop Linux system for my retired father. I was subsequently asked to present this article to the Hampshire Linux Users Group.

The presentation is available as a PDF which you may download from here. The talk was video recorded and you may wish to view that as well.

In the autumn of 2008 I revised and extended the talk for the UKUUG annual Linux Conference and workshop: Linux 2008. This version incorporates additional elements from the following DAD3 article. A minor update of the UKUUG version was presented to the Portsmouth Linux User Group in the autumn of 2012.

  • Original version (1.0)
  • Revised and extended for UKUUG version (2.0)
  • Minor update for a Portsmouth Linux User Group (2.3)
    • Slides and speaker notes PDF/2.4 MiB